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Man, what a night of randomness. I wanted to have a beer and unwind and contemplate life, but alas, I had no beer. I went to the sto' and I truly thought I'd only be drinking a little bit, so I didn't want to spend money on a six pack that I knew I'd have to finish before I went home. Instead, I picked up a pint of Captain thinking I could mix myself a drink and it wouldnt' go bad if I just kept the rest here over break. I still wanted that unwinding beer, though, so I got a 24oz Beck's (damn Germans).

Nick drank everything. No more rum left. Beer buhbye. When I do somethin, I do it proper! Unless it's an exam =)

So, I suppose in retrospect, the night served its purpose. I definitely unwinded. I had good conversation...good times. Now it's just off to mam phys at 10 and then I'm gone... Have a happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Get drunk with poultry.

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